GEM Accessories US – the leaders in Premium TCG Accessories.

We are taking over the industry by creating some of the most spectacular TCG accessories. GEM is located in the beautiful state of California where all competitive card games are in great popularity. Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering are played by thousands of players all across our state.

Our small family ran business wanted to bring something new to the table, because simple rubber play mats and bland deck boxes just didn’t cut it for us. Our goal was to give what the players asked for; reinvent the most used TCG accessories. Our goal is to make the best TCG products you have ever played on. Elevate your game with GEM.

The Senjo cloth mat was GEM’s first breakthrough product, rivaling some of the big hitters in 2015. Not only did this product solidify GEM as a company, but also a competitor in its niche market. As GEM grew its brand, over the years, many of the upcoming products were still based around the original Senjo design layout.

In order to become the best, we need to create the best

CEO – Brandon Chavez

Since 2015, GEM has, even until now, created some of the most sought after products on the market. We believe in order to become the best, we need to create the best. We also thank every single one of our customers for being the best part of GEM and allowing us to keep elevating your TCG experience.