Product NameRelease DateEstimated
StatusSpecial Notes
DekTech – TakeOut DekTech and Sleeves01/01/2021Mid March 2021CompletedIncreased delay due to minor design changes and Covid-19
03/08 – Shipment received from port and in transit to GEM facility.
03/10 – Shipment has arrived at Gem facility and is being processed for shipping
03/22 – Fried Rice sleeves arriving at Gem facility and is being processed for shipping.
Ariza & Relia (ALP Collab)
DekTech and Play Mats
03/12/2021June 2021Transit to GEM
ProTech EVO – Panther03/31/2021May 2021In Production
DekTech – Senpai Mother Mari 04/20/2021July 2021In Production
BinTech – Moon Blackout05/14/2021July 2021In Production
BinTech – Moon05/14/2021July 2021In Production
DekTech – Kraken 06/01/2021July 2021In Production
ProTech – Maroon07/01/2021August 2021Design
All product shipments are estimates. Products are subject to change.

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